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Religious and Spiritual Traditions as Forces for Good in the World


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Responding to Challenges We Face in the World

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Religica Podcast

Religica Podcast is allied with the Parliament of the World’s Religions and other organizations.


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Summer spotlight series: We All Have Special Needs: Are You Ready?

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Religica Blog

A weekly blog series dedicated to the growth of new ideas.

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Seeking Wisdom Series

Seeking wisdom is part of our shared humanity. View the series.


The Response Series

We collaborate with allies and create resources to help the world.


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Check out our latest resource: Religica Response to a Changing Climate.

Seeking Wisdom Series

Seek wakefulness and wisdom. Each Religicast (Religica videocast) within the Seeking Wisdom Series introduces a new conversation by offering new ideas from faculty and influencers across areas of interest. We end Religicasts with a question to send you on your way. Go far and then come back, as we’ll have more within the series to share with you.


Assumptions of a Handshake

Jasmine Mahmoud, PhD

Gender and the Bigger God

Jodi O’Brien, PhD

Spiders, Pollution and You

Martina G. Ramirez, PhD

Walking With Insight in Our Own Shoes

Juan Carlos Reyes, MFA

Values that Shape our Changed World

Chaplain Colonel Dr. Khalid Shabazz, PhD

Religious Identity in a Post-Truth World

Rev. Dr. Kelly Wadsworth

The Transformative Power of Music

Rabbi Daniel Weiner

Lessons from a Swinomish Elder

Elder Ray Williams

What are you

Michael Reid Trice, PhD

The Facts about

Wanda Gregory, PhD

What is a

Jasen Frelot

Break the Divide in Local Communities

Abhayjett & Sukhmeet Sungh Sachal

Latest News

Looking around today, it’s hard to imagine any ‘Stranger Things’

December 1, 2019

Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian portrayal of a not-so-future America that has…

Forgiveness in a Shared Identity

November 24, 2019

Standing underneath a tree in 1994, Yobe state, Nigeria, I watched as Christians…

Of Fire and Water

November 17, 2019

The Episcopal Lectionary for this week resounds in syncopated side-step with emergency events.…

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