Frequently Asked Questions

What is Religica?

Religica began as the child of a team of dedicated professionals who desired to channel public exhaustion with the state of our national and global discourse. The Religica team believes in our hearts that the rich impulses beneath religious and spiritual traditions require a better hearing in the world. Exhaustion led to the creation of a non-profit organization and a web platform was constructed as a first stage for Religica’s development.

The Religica Core Team of Principals grow the web platform. Religica’s Projects Team focuses on developing comprehensive projects with core allies.  Religica’s Advisory Council include nationally and internationally recognized leaders at the top of their professions. Religica also has a Board, which provides operational leadership.

Is Religica a website?

Yes it is, but not exclusively. Religica is an organization and an effort dedicated to serving individuals and local communities by inviting deeper engagement around the religious and spiritual traditions that help create a better and healthier world.

Religica creates . . . constantly.  The web platform currently curates blogs, podcasts, a Seeking Wisdom Series for general education, a News site, and more. In addition, Religica works with allies – from organizations within the United Nations to local communities – on developing responsive resources to the challenges that impact the world, including climate change, human displacement, and more.

Does Religica have a home office somewhere?

Religica is a registered 501c3 in Washington state. The Religica Team, Advisory Council and Board are located across the United States, including Seattle, Chicago, New York, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Washington DC, and more. Interns are from across the country as well.

What’s next for Religica?

It depends upon which team member you ask. There are a lot of moving parts and levels of responsibility. If you would like to get involved with Religica then reach out to us at info@religica.org

Can I give to Religica?

Yes you can. In designated and undesignated ways. Religica’s projects include topics from climate change to the rights of women in the world today. We greatly appreciate your gift because this enables the Religica team to continue doing their work. Visit our support page.

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Religica is the Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious' Theological Laboratory. To learn more about the Center, our purpose, and more, visit The Center FAQs below.