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The Religica Podcast is a new creation allied with the Parliament of the World’s Religions and other organizations.

The Religica team focuses on local voices everywhere, from neighborhood influencers to internationally recognized speakers. Across fields of interest, our aim is to speak truth where real voices inspire us all.

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February 2019

Arun GandhiFeb 7, 2019 / Arun Gandhi
Author, Activist, Founder of Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence

What We Learned from Grandfather
Transforming adversaries into friends

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Karenna Gore

Feb 14, 2019 / Karenna Gore
Center of Earth Ethics Director, Author, Journalist

Facing Planetary Boundaries is like Facing Addiction
Intertwined consumerism, climate change, cultural thinking

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ML DanielFeb 21, 2019 / ML Daniel
Director at Spiritual Alchemy, Attorney, Pastor, Leader

The Power of a Tipping Point
Generations lost, meaningful conversations, community power

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Sukhmeet Sachal And Abhayjeet SachalFeb 28, 2019 / Sukhmeet and Abhayjeeet Sachal
Co-Founders of Break the Divide, Students, Leaders

Overcoming Bullying and Youth Leadership
Their motivations, climate change, youth involvement with social work

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January 2019

Dr Khalid ShabazzJan 3, 2019 / Chaplain Colonel Khalid Shabazz, PhD
Colonel, Division Leader, & Muslim Chaplain, US Army

Honest Leadership and Knowing Oneself
Highlights how seeing oneself is honest and courageous – and opens up the world

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Anne Van KleyJan 10, 2019 / Rev. Anne Van Kley, M.Div
Christian pastor in the none-zone of the Pacific Northwest

We Lead Beyond Blame by Doing Hard Things
Discusses the role of women leadership and the liberating power of gratitude

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TaijoJan 17, 2019 / Taijo Imanaka, Head Priest
Buddhist Priest at a Koyasan Buddhist Temple

Leadership Begins Within, Like a Lotus Flower
Reflects upon responding to violence and the resilient beauty of being a lotus

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Eriel DerangerJan 24, 2019 / Eriel Deranger, ED and Co-Founder
Indigenous Rights Advocate and member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN)

First Nations People’s Perspective of Earth’s Sacredness
Encourages honesty on climate, connection, and action

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Mack WilburgJan 31, 2019 / Dr. Mack Wilburg, PhD
Conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

The Power of Music will Transform our World
Music inspires us in ways that we may not realize. Listen how it can inspire you.

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