Seeking Wisdom Series

Welcome to our Seeking Wisdom Series

Our Seeking Wisdom Series is a multi-media platform that includes local community roll-up-your-sleeves guides, which invite your response to the challenges that vex us all.

In 2018, the Seeking Wisdom Series originated in the conceptual beakers and mad dreaming of Dr. Michael Reid Trice’s faculty laboratory — or the Religica Theolab. As a part of his faculty portfolio, he brought the lab series with him when he was tapped to serve as the Director of the Seattle University STM Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs.   Then as now, the Seeking Wisdom Series is free in the public square … just as wisdom should be.

The Seeking Wisdom Series is committed to deepening awareness and wisdom across all disciplines of learning, for the greater good of both university and society — Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

The Seeking Wisdom Series resides in the public domain,  to be freely used in university classrooms, local religious and spiritual communities, and for society at large.  Enjoy!

Seeking Wisdom Video Series

Seek wakefulness and wisdom. Each Religicast (Religica videocast) within the Seeking Wisdom Series introduces a new conversation by offering new ideas from faculty and influencers across areas of interest. We end Religicasts with a question to send you on your way. Go far and then come back, as we’ll have more within the series to share with you.