Core Values

We provide access for religious formation in local communities that instills confidence in spiritual and religious traditions as forces for good in the world.

Core Values: We believe formation of this kind should be a source of discovery, a place to be explored, a pilgrimage to be taken, a destination to be reached within one’s community or classroom.  The Religica Theolab creates resources with this in mind.  

Discovery – Insight and wisdom begin not in what we do but in what we have been given, and our willingness to share this with others.

Exploration – Insight and wisdom require us to explore ideas across religions, and by helping our communities to see one another as aspects of a deeper story that includes all of us.  

Pilgrimage – Insight and wisdom require grit and good listening. We uphold local communities’ commitments to teaching from a core of all life as irreplaceable, essential, and a gift to respect and love.

Destination – We have multiple destinations for our lives and within the lives of others.  Some of these are known to us.  Others are not.  We hope that the resources we offer assist all of us as we discover, explore and pilgrimage toward the destinations of our lives.

Pioneering Leaders

Visit our CEIE Leadership Page on the Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement to learn more about the dynamic team that operates our distinct but inseparable work.

In all resources, the team of students, staff, pastors, imams, rabbis, venerables, and more, share images and stories that shape students and communities today, connected to the challenges of the world around us.

The Religica Theolab is a place for formation.  We learn about how to address violence, about how religions have a role in caring for the planet, about how music across spiritual traditions is rooted in shared values, about how many of the leading voices in religious communities around the world are addressing the challenges around them, and so much more.

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