Our Story

To be a source of discovery, a place to be explored, a pilgrimage to be taken, a destination to be reached.”
— Michael Reid Trice, Co-Founder

About Religica

Spiritual, philosophical and religious traditions bring wisdom to the world.  Human traditions overflow with quests for deeper meaning and belonging; and, these age-old quests are like ligaments in the body, connecting our inner and outer lives.  Re-li-gi-ca is focused on re-liga-menting our daily lives in connection.  Our blogs, podcasts, and resources are aimed at re-aligning, re-imagining, re-assuring and re-ligamenting all of us.

Religica seeks a conversion of the heart – and a deeper awareness of ourselves, our neighbors, our communities and the world.  Think of Religica as a mirror.  We believe that human stories, connections, values, and good will are the real ligamenting capacity – religica – that is out there and always at work in the world.  The platform is called Religica only because we are a focused mirror, reorganizing and reflecting back to the world the daily appearance of these deeper quests for meaning.

In blog, podcast, and additional resources, we gather the images and stories that reveal the quest for meaning, and then we reflect back responses in coherent ways that help people engage their lives fully in a world that requires the best from all of us.

Who We Are

Religica’s creators, board and advisory council offer over 150 years of professional competence as educators, scholars, designers, journalists, marketing experts, and heads of organizations. All share a commitment to the guiding values that shape Religica.  We share a deep passion in the values that shape our shared future.  We believe all of us have a role to play in being co-creators for that future.

What We Do

We are an internationally based team of colleagues and friends.  We create podcasts, blogs and additional resources.  And, we create these resources to be free and without an online paywall.  That means that every spoken and written word, every resource, is meant to be accessible to you, available to your community, and open to the world.

What we create is of three kinds:  First, our podcasts are focused on the wisdom of our guest.  Typically, these podcasts are short (not more than 15 minutes), packed with insight, and are used as prompts for deeper conversation.  Second, we host bloggers who write on a rich array of subjects and across difference.  We aim to find the unique point in each writer, even as we accentuate the shared quest for depth.  Third, we create resources in our Religica Response series, that are thematically specific (such as the Religica Response to a Changing Climate), available for use in local educational contexts, are hosted by Generation Z, and that provide opportunity for engagement on each and every page.

To provide a platform for instilling confidence in spiritual and religious traditions as forces for good in the world.

Core Values:
We believe Religica should be a source of discovery, a place to be explored, a pilgrimage to be taken, a destination to be reached.  Our four framing values are:

Discovery – What we create is freely given. Just as our deepest discoveries in life are provided through the love and encouragement of others, the Religica site is not about what we do, but rather about what we’ve been given.  We are committed to giving forward to assist the discoveries of others.

Exploration – How we explore the world matters. We explore ideas not by appropriating the lives and spaces of others, but by seeing one another as aspects of a deeper story that includes all of us.  Like our inner lives, the planet is also a gift to be loved and protected.  Diversity between people is akin to biodiversity within the planet.  The mystery that holds this together requires our participation.

Pilgrimage – The journey requires insight, patience, and resiliency, all along the way. Unlike healthy skepticism, cynicism is akin to a cul de sac with no exit except to go back.  We are committed to a post-cynical approach to going forward, that sees each human life as embodied by experiences, worthwhile, directional, and essential.

Destination – We have multiple destinations for our lives and within the lives of others.  Some of these are known to us.  Others are not.  We hope that the resources we offer assist all of us as we discover, explore and pilgrimage toward the destinations of our lives.