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    Welcome to the discussion!

    The goal of this forum is to interact and engage with one another surrounding questions and ideas posed on What is Scared in a Pandemic Age? 

    After spending time with the blog, podcast, and links we’ve offered, we now invite you to contribute your own thoughts, links, and ideas. Consider the following prompts as a place to begin the conversation:

    Take a moment to reflect on your core values. To what extent do you find your values shaping your behaviors? Your feelings toward others? Your feelings toward other living things?
    How have acts of injustice appealed to your values and prompted you to act?

    In Cindy Brightbill’s blog, Brightbill writes: “In many ways, the world is governed by fear. We act in certain ways, fearing what will happen if we don’t.”
    Take five minutes to respond: How might the world be a different place if we valued love over fear?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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