Are Values Sacred in a Pandemic Age?

Are Values Sacred in a Pandemic Age?

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Thinking Aloud – Identifying our Values

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Our values are connected to what we see as meaningful and sacred. We tend to hold our values close to our hearts. They influence and inform our behaviors, our outlooks, and our actions. In times of crisis, our values are oftentimes what speak to us most clearly. They remind us of what matters – relationship, connection, purpose, and more. They guide us in acting selflessly in ways that we otherwise might not. Our values comprise the very foundation for our capacities to care for one another. They stem from what we believe is true. And those truths are often shared and assumed alongside others, regarding what we love. Those truths are at the core of the entire experience of life and daily living.

Moving Together – Speaking on the Sacred

June 13, 2020 | Cindy Brightbill

Spreading Love Over Fear

Cindy Brightbill is a grateful first year student of Divinity and Theology at Seattle University in Seattle. Cindy is working towards her lifelong goal of becoming an interfaith Chaplain in a hospital and hospice setting. She lives in Issaquah with her husband and two amazing children. Currently, she works with senior citizens in social work and recreation. She lives and studies the principles of Religious Science spirituality. Her church home is currently Unity Church of Bellevue. Namaste and blessings to all!

Thinking and Acting on the Sacred

After spending time with the blog, podcast, and links we’ve offered, we now invite you to contribute your own thoughts, links, and ideas. Consider the following prompts as a place to begin the conversation in the Discussion Forum.


Take a moment to reflect on your core values. To what extent do you find your values shaping your behaviors? Your feelings toward others? Your feelings toward other living things?

How have acts of injustice appealed to your values and prompted you to act?


In Cindy Brightbill’s blog, Brightbill writes “In many ways, the world is governed by fear. We act in certain ways, fearing what will happen if we don’t.”

Take a few minutes to respond: How might the world be a different place if we valued love over fear?

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