Spreading Love Over Fear

Our world is in an unstable state. Across the globe, our spiritual, emotional, and physical being – our sacred being – is at risk as there are becoming fewer people and places worldwide who are not yet affected by Covid-19. At times it feels like we are “under attack” by this virus as we scramble to find a cure and manage the chaos left in its wake.

In many ways, the world is governed by fear. We see that in responses to historic racism today more than ever.  We act in certain ways, fearing what will happen if we don’t. We spend hours fretting about an unknown future, fearing the worst outcome. Fear is like an attack on the body, with countless negative effects. Fear is also contagious. It can spread like a germ, infecting the minds (and therefore bodies) of those around us, creating confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety. Isn’t this exactly what we’re seeing within the world right now? 

In light of this, I have a radical question: How can you and I think about our time as an opportunity to open to a bigger picture and greater good? Can we open ourselves to the idea that things are not always as they seem? Can we see something good emerging throughout all of this? Is there a way to view attacks on our sacred being and societal perceptions as a chance to strengthen ourselves as a whole human race?  

I believe there is. To me, now is the time to look for the good around us and amplify these. I have learned and studied the idea that within the mind of God all things are known. Within God, there is a solution for this problem. Within God, all is available. We simply need to open our minds, to energetically open ourselves scientifically, and spiritually, and to one another, to find the wisdom and answers we seek.  

In my religious science background, this is called the science of mind. It’s about how we can use our mind, or our own sacred site, to create the life we want. I have lived my life using these teachings as a guide with amazing results.  

One idea I have found especially helpful is one that many may know: What we think and choose to believe our reality to be significantly influences how we interact in the world and what our future reality ends up being. Our life is the outpouring and out-picturing of our thoughts. If we choose to grapple in fear and focus on fear, the world we experience will be one of fear. Conversely, if we focus on the goodness around us, and especially contribute to it, the world we experience and create will be a much more hopeful one for ourselves and for others. If we open to the idea that within us is a divine intelligence, light, and knowing, and that others around us carry this same sacred light, we can connect and make our choices from this place – what I call our God center. Doing so opens us to stop living our life in fight-or-flight mode. Once we are no longer immersed in fear, we can move into living in the knowing that we are sacred, and intimately connected to the earth and to each other.   

Sacred texts like the Bible tell us that perfect love casts out fear and that where there is love, fear cannot remain. We can apply this principle to ourselves as individuals in the way we act and respond to others during at this time. What would happen if we all became a broadcasting station of love rather than fear, taking precautions to protect others as if they were our own family? How would this help us to move through crises of heart, body and mind – stronger both mentally and physically? 

When we create a space for good it will come. If we create a space for negativity and fear, those will come. If we manifest a positive energy of force for good in the universe, that good will be carried out and expanded. 

Finally – we can be our own doctors when it comes to healing minds sick with fear. No matter what’s going on in our thoughts, if we spread love and kindness, it will help us live in a place of positive energy. Our religious, spiritual, and ethical beliefs can aid us in this effort. I believe there is an intelligence in this universe which runs through all people and all things. I believe this intelligence is greater than our human mind, and I believe all religions and all people can connect to its energy. I see people from different backgrounds, countries, walks of life, and cultures, working together in a renewed sense of solidarity in order to eradicate what is ailing us. We all want hope and our collaborative spirit makes this hope possible. Within this positive, powerful new mindset I hold the space that peace and solutions are coming. 

Is it possible to experience fear, allowing it to move through us, without it hijacking our minds? What would it look like to experience fear in this way?

What would it feel like to completely trust in the Universe? How do you think you would interact with others and the world differently?


Cindy Brightbill

Cindy Brightbill is a grateful first year student of Divinity and Theology at Seattle University in Seattle. Cindy is working towards her lifelong goal of becoming an interfaith Chaplain in a hospital and hospice setting. She lives in Issaquah with her husband and two amazing children. Currently, she works with senior citizens in social work and recreation. She lives and studies the principles of Religious Science spirituality. Her church home is currently Unity Church of Bellevue. Namaste and blessings to all!