Podcast: Melting the Ice in Our Hearts & Understanding our Inner Depth

In this interview, Angaangaq 'Uncle' Angakkorsuaq speaks to Dr. Michael Trice about his interactions with scientists and the U.N. in the past, and how teachings from his childhood could guide the climate change discussion. This podcast was originally released on March 14, 2019. Subscribe to our Podcasts at:    Return to all Podcasts "I just [...] Read More

Blog: Reflecting on Leadership

Leadership is a tightrope to walk at this time in history.  As a leader in any profession or industry, one must look out and look up to God or whatever higher Essence they believe in as to the way forward given the answers to many of the questions and decisions we are faced with are […]

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Blog: To See and Be the Light of Yuletide

I know I’m not alone in this: the 2020 Holiday season is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  I would say it’s because of being away from family, but as a nine-year Army veteran, I’ve often been away from friends and family during Yule and their holidays—so, that’s not quite unusual.  After the Army, I […]

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Blog: Showing Up, Title or Not: Leadership from the Middle

For a long time, I didn’t consider myself a “leader with a capital L.” You won’t typically find me taking charge in meetings, putting myself out there during events, or being credited as someone who built something from the ground up. My leadership philosophy is quite different: I lead from the middle. In other words, […]

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Blog: Sharing Gratitude

From the Religica Community: Sharing Gratitude The holiday season is upon us. Traditionally, this is a time full of family and friends, a time full of joy, gratitude, and love. These aspects of the holidays are not gone. There still is much to be thankful for and ways to experience the season’s cheer, but for […]

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Blog: Understanding the Value of Spiritual Isolation

When we say we are spiritually isolated, different meanings emerge such as being unable to worship and pray together, or not having a spiritual relationship with the sacred presence, or fearing death, or ritual isolation. There are two books I have found helpful in understanding this: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and The […]

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Blog: Art & Armistice: A Veteran Lamentation

This blog was originally published in November 2020.  It's November 11th on Veterans Day in the U.S. and the usual “Thank you for your service” messages of love come to me via text and tags on social media. It happens every year, and every year I don’t know what to say. During most interactions, both [...] Read More

Earning the Hope we Seek

Do you hear a protracted public sigh after this U.S. presidential election?  When I informally query colleagues, friends, neighbors and students this week, about how they feel in the post-election gloaming, each response is preceded by a noticeable exhale.  Their responses to me reveal how cleaved we feel right now – “weary perseverance”, “anxious hopefulness”, “frayed determination”, and more.  The sinews of our [...] Read More

As One Voice We Lead

Music inspires and transcends boundaries and Barry Manilow, through the song ‘One Voice,’ shows leadership comes from anywhere. Music has been a big part of my life.  I have led people of all faiths in song and spiritual practice with sound to help heal. Now, as a retired business leader, I teach about the ‘presence’ [...] Read More

Women and Interfaith Leadership

Precious little history of the interfaith movement is available, save for several books by Marcus Braybrooke. As the globe shrinks with digital tools, and as interfaith relations develop and increasingly command public attention, this arena deserves more attention. Its history is threaded with interesting, useful stories, information, and wisdom. One important but mostly unnoticed element [...] Read More