Author: Lawrence

Liturgy as a Greater-than-Sensical Response to Covid-19

We are not in control. We cannot make sense of this. We need to be held by something greater-than-sensical.   Everything is Not Ok Right Now (and it’s ok not to be ok) As you read this blog, I invite you to breathe with me. *In, then out.* There’s something really hard going on right […]

Shrines to Brutality: The Relationship Between Sacred and Violence

What is a sacred site, and what is the relationship between such spaces and violence? First, I must state that I chose to narrow the scope of this blog specifically to exploring the concepts of attack on the sacred to physical sites in our world, interacted with by human beings. I believe that the sacred […]

Sacred Communities

Humankind is always searching for meaning in life and during this current world health crisis (i.e. COVID-19), it appears the search has gone deeper. In times of crisis, individuals of sacred communities support and comfort each other as they search for answers. Relationships are confirmed and formed as we reflect on what our relationship with […]

Youth as Sacred

As ministers, we are experiencing a great challenge in trying to figure out how to best serve the people of God amidst a truly unique and trying time. COVID-19 has required each of us to make changes in how we live. It has also challenged us to think about what matters most to us. The […]

Spreading Love Over Fear

Our world is in an unstable state. Across the globe, our spiritual, emotional, and physical being – our sacred being – is at risk as there are becoming fewer people and places worldwide who are not yet affected by Covid-19. At times it feels like we are “under attack” by this virus as we scramble […]

The Stigma of Racism on Blacks

During a recent course in my graduate program of study, I was given an assignment to write on attacks of sacred sites. I thought of the attack on Historic Black churches here in the US, which is also an attack on Black lives. That’s it: This is a story about hatred. Racism is at the […]

The Murder of Floyd

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Police Officer has set American race relations back at least 50 years. This pandemic of violence against Black and Brown communities dates back to the very founding of our nation. We are a country built on stolen land and stolen labor rooted in violence and […]

The Sacrality of the Ordinary

I belong to a tiny, dying mainline church. It is dying even as its members are. Just the other day one of us passed— luckily not from the virus, but simply from old age. The advent of corona may postpone or hasten our closure, but it will not change the fact of it. I am […]

Who’s to Blame for COVID-19?

Who’s to blame for the spread of the coronavirus? 5-G? Animals? Tourists? China? How about God? For centuries, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and plagues were often understood to be of divine origin. Figuring out reasons why a basically good God would afflict basically good people is called theodicy. Although formally the domain of […]