Religica presents at the 2021 NWCU

Religica: The Whole Inhabited House and Virtual, Spiritual Proximity | Bringing Religious Discussion online in an Internet Age

This video was prepared by the Religica Theoloab for our exhibitor booth at the 2021 National Workshop on Christian Unity hosted on April 12th-15th, 2021

This presentation offers an introduction to the Religica Theoloab and an example of one of our featured Podcasts: Violence is Never the Final Word with Farid Ahmed.

The Religica Theoloab presented at the 2021 National Workshop on Christian Unity on April 13, 2021

This presentation offers a look behind the screens at the Religica Theolab ethos and growth process with Religica Staff. Speakers: Dr. Michael Reed Trice, Director Trish Brownlee, UX Designer & Webmaster Jessica Cattle, Social Media Manager Megan Anderson, Blogcast Editor

Dr. Michael Reed Trice

Director of the Religica Theolab

Megan Anderson

Blogcast Editor at the Religica Theolab

Jessica Cattle

Social Media Manager at the Religica Theolab

Trish Brownlee

UX Designer & Webmaster at the Religica Theolab

Rocky Piro

Introduction & Moderator for Religica at the 2021 NWCU