Religica presents at the 2021 NWCU

Religica: The Whole Inhabited House and Virtual, Spiritual Proximity | Bringing Religious Discussion online in an Internet Age This video was prepared by the Religica Theoloab for our exhibitor booth at the 2021 National Workshop on Christian Unity hosted on April 12th-15th, 2021 This presentation offers an introduction to the Religica Theoloab and an example [...] Read More

Blogcast: Being Accountable to One Another

Listen to this BlogCast Janice Tufte, Muslim, was born and raised in Seattle and has lived in various regions of the United states before settling back in Seattle. Janice has resided in areas of poverty and areas of great wealth. Always seeking ways to catalyze and enact positive differences she has developed multiple community-based projects [...] Read More
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Religica – Belonging and Beginning Anew

The impulses that guide religious and spiritual traditions are like words written under the rocks, over which course the rapids of our lives. This image is lifted from the book, A River Runs Through It by Norman Maclean, wherein the narrator-fisherman employs a colloquial adage in order to press wisdom into the narrows of a […]

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