Introducing the Faith & Order Podcast Series with the NCC USA

As part of CEIE’s collaboration with the NCC USA on the Faith and Order podcast series, Dr. Tony Kireopoulos, Associate General Secretary of NCC USA and director of Faith and Order and Interfaith Relations, spoke with Center director Dr. Michael Reid Trice. They discussed the work and origin of the Faith and Order Commission and its manifestations around the world working to link theology to action for justice in the world.

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“We all have different traditions and histories in our communities that we bring to the table and it’s important to lift up for others to understand. So part of the task is to understand one another where we come from and to explore differences not so much in those cultural and historical manifestations in our communities, but instead, how do we approach the political issues today? How we overcome key divisions and still mean our integral distinctiveness is certainly part of the task and it’s a work in progress.”

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