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    Welcome to the discussion!

    The goal of this forum is to interact and engage with one another surrounding questions and ideas posted on the Round Table: Spiritual Wisdom in an Age of Isolation. 

    After spending time with the blog, podcast, and links we’ve offered, we now invite you to contribute your own thoughts, links, and ideas. Consider the following prompts as a place to begin the conversation:


    In what ways has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected your ability to engage in spiritual reflection, transformation, celebration? How have you and members of your community found yourselves adapting to this?

    Think of the ways you’ve found spiritual fulfillment over the course of the past several months. What has spiritual isolation taught you about what you cherish? What you hold sacred?


    In Hilary Canto’s Understanding the Value of Spiritual Isolation, Canto writes:

    “where we are all affected by each other’s thoughts and emotions, fear spreads between us which fuels the feeling of isolation. Yet this same environment, when love and faith and strength are applied, creates fearlessness and togetherness.”

    Sit with this quote for a moment. How have you developed new feelings of love, faith, and strength this year? How can a time of isolation instill fearlessness and togetherness in you and the communities you belong to?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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