There was a lot of great content that Religica highlighted in 2019. The Religica Podcast and Blog Editors wanted to highlight two of their favorites for 2019.


EDITOR’S CHOICE/ Dr. Mack Wilberg, PhD
Conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
The Power of Music will Transform our World
Music inspires us in ways that we may not realize. Listen to how it can inspire you

EDITOR’S CHOICE / Rev. Anne Van Kley, M.Div
Christian pastor in the none-zone of the Pacific Northwest
We Lead Beyond Blame by Doing Hard Things
Discusses the role of women leadership and the liberating power of gratitude

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They Were Never Strangers to Us
From the Editor: Imagine what it would be like to have a friend or family member absent this holiday because they were considered “strangers,” not welcome. “How am I making other people into strangers and what can I do to instead make these ‘strangers’ into friends?” 

EDITOR’S CHOICE/Shantha Ready Alonso
Next Generation Visualization
From the Editor: This is a crazy busy time of year and I wanted to share this blog that asked people to take a step back and participate in a spiritual practice.