At the RoundTable: Center Scholars Reflect on a Pandemic Age

At the RoundTable: Center Scholars Reflect on a Pandemic Age

The Religica Theolab is a project of the  Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement. Our Theolab content is created by our staff student affiliates team at Seattle University.

For 2022, we revive and revitalize our RoundTable for a new generation. The RoundTable focuses on round-table style of conversation discussing current events from theological approaches in a small group setting.  For the month of January, we hear from our panel as they reflect on a Pandemic Age.

Dr. Michael Trice, Center Director, speaks with Dr. Douglas Peduti SJ. and the Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward Donalson III about the scholars’ project this past year titled: “Gratitude, Injury, and Repair in a Pandemic Age.” The conversation touches upon: a) grief and denial of the seriousness of this time by those who are close to power; b) the US societal mythology of a protected “city on a hill”; c) the effects on younger generations, on our children, and more.

Join the discussion and add your own resources and reflections in the comments section below.

To learn more about the project and our scholars see:

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