Podcast: Being an Elder and Learning through the Generations

"In an interview with Center Advisory Council Member Steve Wilhelm, Elder Wilton Littlechild, Canadian lawyer and Cree chief, who formerly served with the Canadian Parliament as the first Treaty Indian Member, shares about his work with his Indigenous nation, matrilineal leadership, and living with climate change." Subscribe to our Podcasts at:    Return to all [...] Read More

Podcast: Wisdom Literature

Dr. Trice and Diane Jacobson had a chance to speak about wisdom, literature that changes our lives, and how we become creative in responding to the challenges in our moment. This podcast was originally released on June 26, 2020. Subscribe to our Podcasts at:    Return to all Podcasts "Through laments you’re always telling the [...] Read More

Podcast: Pathways to Wisdom

Religica Co-Founder Michael Reid Trice had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Patricia O'Connell Killen, who is Professor of Religious Studies and a Senior University Fellow at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. An historian and theologian, her scholarship focuses on Christianity in North America; especially on the Pacific Northwest. Killen is a primary editor of [...] Read More