The Religica platform is like a living iris, where all windows (blogs, news, podcasts, and more) regularly focus in unison on a specific topic or theme. Spotlight will provide ready-bench resources for individuals and local communities who experience a shared need or crisis. Religious and spiritual leaders are always at the frontline of a school shooting, or are witness to the rise of hate speech and discrimination, and we desire to assist this effort in the months ahead. As we develop these areas, our Religica Spotlight will focus on the complex narrative of how religious and spiritual communities welcome those with special needs. We will spotlight first-hand interviews, podcasts on the theme, blog reflections, newsworthy items, and resources from everywhere we can find.

Spring Spotlight

In a time of the #MeToo movement and how we understand changes in power and gender relations, these four leaders speak about the world and their views of specific events in a manner that encourages deeper thought and analysis from all of us. Their perspectives are embodied in the leadership of four professionals who recognize the need for voices that are both strong and nimble related to the current challenges facing the world. There are questions to be asked, and ideas to be considered. And they bring it. Take a listen.

Women in Leadership

Carrah QuigleyCarrah Quigley – Mental Health Care, Comprehending Immediate Violence, and Contextualizing the Past
In this interview, Megan Anderson speaks to Carrah Quigley about her current endeavors alongside her family’s past.
Carrah is a self-described Spiritual Humanist and more information can be found at:

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Cassandra LawrenceCassandra Lawrence – Being Called to Social Work, Educating Yourself, and Helping Neighbors
In this interview, Megan Anderson speaks to Cassandra Lawrence about what can motivate someone to social work and the power of helping those close to us. More information about Cassandra can be found at:

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Eliane LakamEliane Lakam – Intersectionality of Faith, Nonviolence, and Positive Peace
In this interview, Megan Anderson speaks to Eliane Lakam about her persistence in faith despite trying circumstances and how peace ensured by violence is not sufficient.
More information about Eliane can be found at:
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Kay LindahlKay Lindahl – A Critical Analysis of Intentional Listening
In this interview, Megan Anderson and Kay Lindahl engage in a deep conversation about listening to others intentionally.
More information about Kay can be found at:

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Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson is a graduate student at Claremont School of Theology, pursuing an M.A. in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in religion, society, and social change. Specifically, she is interested in the intersection of religion, social factors, justice, and the environment, and how these intersections impact efforts to promote sustainable behavior and the creation of an ecological civilization. She is a Program Coordinator for Institute for Ecological civilization (EcoCiv), Program Manager for the Parliament of the World’s religions and a member of the group developing programming for the POWR’s Justice Track, and Associate Editor and Webmaster for The Interfaith Observer (TIO), a free, online interfaith journal.

Coming this Summer

The Religica Team will spotlight using first-hand accounts and resources on assisting those with special needs within religious and spiritually minded communities.