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The Religica Blog explores ideas that shape our future. The impulses that shape our future come from people who share their values, stories, and insights. Each blog is seeking meaning over argument, and new discovery that helps all of us. Leave the argument and come discover something new. Submit a blog idea and contact us at

March 2020

Text: Love is not cancelled.March 23, 2020/Rev. Shelley Bryan Wee
Love is Not Cancelled


old and young hands touchingMarch 30, 2020/Daryn Holdsworth
A Picture of Mercy: Hospice Care During COVID-19 

February 2020

Colorful hands holding a heartFebruary 10, 2020/Megan Anderson
What is Enough?


Fire & Water Pattern Art by Pikrepo.comFebruary 24, 2020/Sam Allen
Taoism – Let it Be

January 2020

flowersJanuary 13, 2020/Philippa Rowland
When the Drosera Blooms – A Call to Living the Change


round multicolored peace sign wall artJanuary 27, 2020/Alice Holstein, Ed.D
Envisioning Bold Solutions for Ending War

December 2019

Shantha Ready AlonsoEDITOR’S CHOICE/Shantha Ready Alonso
Next Generation Visualization

From the Editor: This is a crazy busy time of year and I wanted to share this blog that asked people to take a step back and participate in a spiritual practice.

Tahil SharmaEDITOR’S CHOICE /Tahil Sharma
They Were Never Strangers to Us

From the Editor: Imagine what it would be like to have a friend or family member absent this holiday because they were considered “strangers,” not welcome. “How am I making other people into strangers and what can I do to instead make these ‘strangers’ into friends?” 

November 2019

Bullus GagoNovember 25, 2019 / Bullus Gago, PhD
Forgiveness in a Shared Identity

Sarah OliverNovember 11, 2019 /Sarah Oliver
How do we live together?

James PerkinsonNovember 18, 2019 /James W. Perkinson, PhD
Of Fire and Water

October 2019

Shaina WilliamsOctober 28, 2019 / Shaina Williams
How Much Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Linzi StahleckerOctober 7, 2019 /Linzi Stahlecker
Measuring Success

Jenna SchroeterOctober 14, 2019 /Jenna Schroeter
Wild Souls: Why Humans and Wilderness Need Each Other

September 2019

Jose RiosSeptember, 23, 2019 / Jose Rios
Ecosystem vs. Society

Justin AlmeidaSeptember 16, 2019 /Justin Almeida
A Theology of Trauma

August 2019

Vicki GarlockAugust, 20, 2019 /Rev. Vicki Garlock, PhD
Sharing the World’s Faith Traditions with Kids

Tina StarrAugust, 27, 2019 /Tina Starr
“Acceptance is All We Need”

Deborah GreeneAugust, 6, 2019 /Deborah Greene
Now More Than Ever…Three Feet of Peace

P. K. McCaryAugust, 13, 2019 /P. K. McCary
Teaching Children to Cope in Angry Times

July 2019

Michael PetersonJuly, 2, 2019 /Michael Peterson, OSB
True Encounters with the “Other”

Megan AndersonJuly 9, 2019 /Megan Anderson
What it Means to Live for the Future

June 2019

Libby ByrneJune, 18, 2019 /Libby Byrne, PhD
Living and healing in faith communities

Vy VuJune 25, 2019 /Vy Vu 
Decolonizing Art

Shantha Ready AlonsoJune, 4, 2019 /Shantha Ready Alonso
Next Generation Visualization

Carrah QuigleyJune 11, 2019 /Carrah Quigley
The Violent Past is the Violent Present

May 2019

Michael Reid Trice

May 28, 2019 /Michael Trice, PhD
Religica at Five Months – Generosity Underneath It All


April 2019

Kristen Daley MosierApril 16, 2019 /Kristen Daley Mosier
What is Creation Speaking to Your Soul
this Earth Day?

Lawrence LernerApril 23, 2019 /Lawrence Lerner
After Christchurch: Creating Sacred and Safe Spaces

Aleenah AnsariApril 2, 2019 /Aleenah Ansari
Am I a bad Muslim?

Paola BernardiniApril 9, 2019 /Paola Bernardini, PhD
The Beauty and Power of Hospitality

March 2019

William GibsonMarch 19, 2019 /Rev. William D. Gibson, DMin
Who Are You?

Robert P SellersMarch 26, 2019 /Robert P. Sellers, PhD
Of Cakes and Garbage Heaps

Wemimo JaiyesimiMarch 5, 2019 /Wemimo B. Jaiyesimi
Beyond Identity Politics

February 2019

Joseph C LeeFeb 19, 2019 /Joseph Lee
In the Name of Love

Todd GreenFeb 5, 2019 /Todd Green
Rethinking Our Response to Islamophobia

Rhea PanelaFeb 12, 2019 /Rhea Panela
Walk Without a Destination

January 2019

Mike DentonJan 22, 2019 / Rev. Michael Denton
Through the Fence

Denise HearnJan 15, 2019 / Denise Hearn, MBA
Economic Justice as the Basis for Belonging

Kristen Daley MosierJan 8, 2019 / Kristen Daley Mosier, MDiv
Baptized into Tahlequah’s Tears

Michael TriceJan 1, 2019 / Michael Reid Trice, PhD
Religica – A New Beginning