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January 2021

January 9, 2021/Holly Barker

Reflecting on Leadership

December 2020

December 19, 2020/Siren Hand

To See and Be the Light of Yuletide

December 5, 2020/The Religica Community Response

Sharing Gratitude

December 14, 2020/Aleenah Ansari

Showing Up, Title or Not: Leadership from the Middle

November 2020

November 21, 2020/Hilary Canto

Understanding the Value of Spiritual Isolation

November 9, 2020/Michael Reid Trice

Earning the Hope we Seek

November 14, 2020/Trish Brownlee

Art & Armistice: A Veteran Lamentation

October 2020

October 3, 2020/Paul Chaffee

Women and Interfaith Leadership

October 10, 2020/Hilary Canto

As One Voice We Lead

September 2020

September 28, 2020/Rose Murphy

Reigniting Hope

September 4, 2020/Julie Hutson

The Sacred Gift of Home

September 11, 2020/Debrah Friedland-van Zijl  & Andre van Zijl

Enlightened Leadership in an Authoritarian World

August 2020

August 7, 2020/Trish Brownlee

Deep Abiding Love

August 22, 2020/Megan Anderson

19th Amendment

July 2020

July 31, 2020/Larry Larson

Sacred Time

July 18, 2020/Michael Reid Trice

The Mystery Remains Intact

July 3, 2020/Trish Brownlee

The Relationship Between Sacred and Violence

July 11, 2020/Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer

Liturgy as a Greater-than-Sensical Response to Covid-19

June 2020

June 26, 2020/ Paul R Gockel

Sacred Communities

June 13, 2020/ Cindy Brightbill

Spreading Love Over Fear

June 19, 2020/Elianna Lucas

Youth as Sacred

June 3, 2020/ Rt. Rev. Dr. Donalson

The Murder of Floyd

June 4, 2020/Paskazia Nakitende

The Stigma of Racism on Blacks

May 2020

May 14, 2020/Rabbi Anson Laytner

Who’s to Blame for COVID-19?

May 21, 2020/Tobias A. Kroll

The Sacrality of the Ordinary

April 2020

College CampusApril 27, 2020/Rose Murphy
An Invitation


people dancing in RomaniaApril 13, 2020/Kenzie Grubitz Simpson
Dance as an Attitude Toward Life and Death


flowers in a field at sunsetApril 20, 2020/Michael Reid Trice
Grief Will Not be Cancelled

March 2020

Text: Love is not cancelled.March 23, 2020/Rev. Shelley Bryan Wee
Love is Not Cancelled


old and young hands touchingMarch 30, 2020/Daryn Holdsworth
A Picture of Mercy: Hospice Care During COVID-19 

February 2020

Colorful hands holding a heartFebruary 10, 2020/Megan Anderson
What is Enough?


Fire & Water Pattern Art by Pikrepo.comFebruary 24, 2020/Sam Allen
Taoism – Let it Be

January 2020

flowersJanuary 13, 2020/Philippa Rowland
When the Drosera Blooms – A Call to Living the Change


round multicolored peace sign wall artJanuary 27, 2020/Alice Holstein, Ed.D
Envisioning Bold Solutions for Ending War

December 2019

Shantha Ready AlonsoEDITOR’S CHOICE/Shantha Ready Alonso
Next Generation Visualization

From the Editor: This is a crazy busy time of year and I wanted to share this blog that asked people to take a step back and participate in a spiritual practice.

Tahil SharmaEDITOR’S CHOICE /Tahil Sharma
They Were Never Strangers to Us

From the Editor: Imagine what it would be like to have a friend or family member absent this holiday because they were considered “strangers,” not welcome. “How am I making other people into strangers and what can I do to instead make these ‘strangers’ into friends?” 

November 2019

Bullus GagoNovember 25, 2019 / Bullus Gago, PhD
Forgiveness in a Shared Identity

Sarah OliverNovember 11, 2019 /Sarah Oliver
How do we live together?

James PerkinsonNovember 18, 2019 /James W. Perkinson, PhD
Of Fire and Water

October 2019

Shaina WilliamsOctober 28, 2019 / Shaina Williams
How Much Do Black Lives Really Matter?

Linzi StahleckerOctober 7, 2019 /Linzi Stahlecker
Measuring Success

Jenna SchroeterOctober 14, 2019 /Jenna Schroeter
Wild Souls: Why Humans and Wilderness Need Each Other

September 2019

Jose RiosSeptember, 23, 2019 / Jose Rios
Ecosystem vs. Society

Justin AlmeidaSeptember 16, 2019 /Justin Almeida
A Theology of Trauma

August 2019

Vicki GarlockAugust, 20, 2019 /Rev. Vicki Garlock, PhD
Sharing the World’s Faith Traditions with Kids

Tina StarrAugust, 27, 2019 /Tina Starr
“Acceptance is All We Need”

Deborah GreeneAugust, 6, 2019 /Deborah Greene
Now More Than Ever…Three Feet of Peace

P. K. McCaryAugust, 13, 2019 /P. K. McCary
Teaching Children to Cope in Angry Times

July 2019

Michael PetersonJuly, 2, 2019 /Michael Peterson, OSB
True Encounters with the “Other”

Megan AndersonJuly 9, 2019 /Megan Anderson
What it Means to Live for the Future

June 2019

Libby ByrneJune, 18, 2019 /Libby Byrne, PhD
Living and healing in faith communities

Vy VuJune 25, 2019 /Vy Vu 
Decolonizing Art

Shantha Ready AlonsoJune, 4, 2019 /Shantha Ready Alonso
Next Generation Visualization

Carrah QuigleyJune 11, 2019 /Carrah Quigley
The Violent Past is the Violent Present

May 2019

Michael Reid Trice

May 28, 2019 /Michael Trice, PhD
Religica at Five Months – Generosity Underneath It All


April 2019

Kristen Daley MosierApril 16, 2019 /Kristen Daley Mosier
What is Creation Speaking to Your Soul
this Earth Day?

Lawrence LernerApril 23, 2019 /Lawrence Lerner
After Christchurch: Creating Sacred and Safe Spaces

Aleenah AnsariApril 2, 2019 /Aleenah Ansari
Am I a bad Muslim?

Paola BernardiniApril 9, 2019 /Paola Bernardini, PhD
The Beauty and Power of Hospitality

March 2019

William GibsonMarch 19, 2019 /Rev. William D. Gibson, DMin
Who Are You?

Robert P SellersMarch 26, 2019 /Robert P. Sellers, PhD
Of Cakes and Garbage Heaps

Wemimo JaiyesimiMarch 5, 2019 /Wemimo B. Jaiyesimi
Beyond Identity Politics

February 2019

Joseph C LeeFeb 19, 2019 /Joseph Lee
In the Name of Love

Todd GreenFeb 5, 2019 /Todd Green
Rethinking Our Response to Islamophobia

Rhea PanelaFeb 12, 2019 /Rhea Panela
Walk Without a Destination

January 2019

Mike DentonJan 22, 2019 / Rev. Michael Denton
Through the Fence

Denise HearnJan 15, 2019 / Denise Hearn, MBA
Economic Justice as the Basis for Belonging

Kristen Daley MosierJan 8, 2019 / Kristen Daley Mosier, MDiv
Baptized into Tahlequah’s Tears

Michael TriceJan 1, 2019 / Michael Reid Trice, PhD
Religica – A New Beginning  

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