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College Campus

An Invitation

In the midst of Coronavirus, we are each being asked to adjust to the new realities of life to maintain communal safety. In this time of isolation, with its numerous challenges, what keeps us grounded? Further, what can we learn about how to be better world citizens? As a college student, the context we find […]

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flowers in a field at sunset

Grief Will Not Be Cancelled

On this past March 23rd, Scott Berinato interviewed the foremost expert on grief, David Kessler, in an article titled: That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief. Kessler’s comments hit a public nerve at the unsettling confluence of a simultaneous lack of feeling safe today and lack of a sense of hope for tomorrow. Except for specific […]

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people dancing in Romania

Dance as an Attitude Toward Life and Death

The opportunities to face our mortality are seemingly infinite. In an age when human-caused climate change brings into question the survival of humans and many other beings, we are challenged to consider our collective as well as our individual finitude. In a year when a new virus is infecting thousands and we can’t help but […]

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global with hand

Values that can Shape all of Us: Accelerating our Responsibility for Peace

April 6, 2020/ Jessica Gans Wilder This podcast is a collaboration between Religica and United Religions Initiative (URI). Janessa Gans Wilder is a former CIA officer-turned-peacebuilder, social entrepreneur, and nonprofit executive. She founded the Euphrates Institute – a grassroots peacebuilding organization and URI Cooperation Circle – after five years at the CIA, including 21 months […]

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old and young hands touching

A Picture of Mercy: Hospice Care During COVID-19 

The only reason that it’s scary getting old Is people treat you like you’re too big to hold And you still feel just like a kid… That is why I reach for you so much I think I’m drowning, until we touch Life is an ocean we fall in When you hold me I can […]

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Love is not cancelled graphic

Love is Not Cancelled

Love is not cancelled. We each have a way of saying this in a time of Covidian-19 disruption. Today Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee of the ELCA Northwest Washington Synod reflects on the memory of a song of love in the Christian tradition. Love is not cancelled. In 2011 I was diagnosed with cancer (I am […]

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balanced pebbles

Creating Sacred Space: Clerical Duties in the Time of Social Distancing

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has a powerful impact on the flow of life around the world. From a healthcare standpoint, it is most serious for those with compromised immune systems. For collective and individual ways of life, the disruption will echo years to come. People will need to change the way […]

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Signs for school strike for climate change

Following their Lead: Youth in Action

In the world of interfaith, I’m considered “young”. At the age of 28, I often skew the average age of reñigious and interfaith gatherings by a few notches. It’s becoming a frequent reality that leaves me intrigued, but not bewildered, about the present and future iterations of faith and spiritual belonging in the world. I’ve […]

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Seeking Peace – When Two Bodies Fall Down

March 2, 2020/ Deborah Greene Seeking Peace – When Two Bodies Fall Down Founder & CEO LiveaMoment, Writer, Educator, International Speaker In recent years, Deborah Greene has emerged as a champion of grassroots movements. In 2016, Greene drove through 40 states to interview different individuals about their feelings toward the 2016 United States presidential election. […]

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Fire & Water Pattern Art by

Taoism – Let it Be

My dad loved to cook. And he loved Asian food. So, when I read of the Taoist philosopher Zuanghi’s analogy of wu wei, the condition of inaction or “not forcing things,” as that of a butcher finding the spaces within the meat’s sinews and bones to be cut (thinking of a chicken here), I, of […]

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