Podcast: Grace and Empathy in a Pandemic Age

The Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton was re-elected to serve a second six-year term as ELCA presiding bishop at the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Eaton is the ELCA’s fourth presiding bishop and was first elected at the 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.  Eaton earned a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard Divinity School and a Bachelor of [...] Read More

Blogcast: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Global Solidarity

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to our Blogcasts on Soundcloud  Gerald Grudzen reflects on the stark inequity that exist among the world's nations in regards to access to the Covid-19 vaccine and on how Pope Francis' encyclical "Fratelli Tutti" provides a vision for the kind of global solidarity needed to end the spread of the [...] Read More

Blogcast: Choosing to Build Relationships

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to our Blogcasts on Soundcloud “If we all asked ourselves what changed during these past few months, I hope we can agree that it is our attitude towards our lives, respect for our environment and for each other.” - Mahrukh Motafram  Mahrukh Motafram is currently a member, trustee and, a [...] Read More

Blogcast: How do we Recover Health amid a Weariness with Pandemic Fatigue?

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to our Blogcasts on Soundcloud Daryn Holdsworth, MDiv studied piano, viola, trombone, and bass guitar in his elementary school years. Thinking that music was not going to play a role in his professional life, Daryn earned his B.A. in Psychology at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. Following college, Daryn bought [...] Read More

Blogcast: Spiritual Hunger

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to our Blogcasts on Soundcloud The Reverend Stephen Avino is a deacon within the Community of Saint George, a jurisdiction within the Liberal Catholic Church - Young Rite. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies and received a Master's Degree in Religious Studies at Chicago Theological Seminary. He works [...] Read More

Blogcast: My Mom’s Grit

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to our Blogcasts on Soundcloud As CWS’s executive vice president, Maurice Bloem assists and advises the president in the daily management of the organization, while specializing in managing strategy, research, monitoring and evaluation, and incubation. He is also the agency’s main representative to the United Nations. Bloem is the former [...] Read More

Blog: To See and Be the Light of Yuletide

I know I’m not alone in this: the 2020 Holiday season is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before.  I would say it’s because of being away from family, but as a nine-year Army veteran, I’ve often been away from friends and family during Yule and their holidays—so, that’s not quite unusual.  After the Army, I […]

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Blog: Understanding the Value of Spiritual Isolation

When we say we are spiritually isolated, different meanings emerge such as being unable to worship and pray together, or not having a spiritual relationship with the sacred presence, or fearing death, or ritual isolation. There are two books I have found helpful in understanding this: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and The […]

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