Podcast: Melting the Ice in Our Hearts & Understanding our Inner Depth

In this interview, Angaangaq 'Uncle' Angakkorsuaq speaks to Dr. Michael Trice about his interactions with scientists and the U.N. in the past, and how teachings from his childhood could guide the climate change discussion. This podcast was originally released on March 14, 2019. Subscribe to our Podcasts at:    Return to all Podcasts "I just [...] Read More

Blogcast: How Do We Create Community After Sustained Trauma?

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to our Blogcasts on Soundcloud  “If we are to lend support to “traumatized” communities it must be done in awareness of the stories lodged in the center of great pain, fear, and anger. Beyond listening, we must bring authenticity, inclusivity, and compassion with our methodology.” Charline Manuel is an ordained [...] Read More