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We invite you to write a blog for Religica!

Religica is a start-up with a focus on the deeper matters of meaning making that impact our lives. You could be an astronomer writing about encountering the mystery of the universe, or a religion scholar discussing the rights of underrepresented peoples; all are welcome.

Our readership is interested in stories that further our human journey, and coming from people around the world with important wisdom to share.

Each Blog is a matter of conviction, is 700 to 1200 words in length, is situated at the axis of deep meaning-making within society, and comes from every field and family of religion or philosophy.

  1. Three Easy Points:
  2. The views expressed in these pieces are those of their respective authors and are not necessarily endorsed by Religica or its partners and associates.
  3. Most of the blog posts are timely, come from across religious and philosophical perspectives, and fields of interest; and, are seeking to open up new ways of building awareness rather than rehearsing former arguments.
  4. Each blog encourages deeper assessment, may draw on personal or communal narrative, and includes or concludes with a question or two for the reader to consider on the topic. Our readership are seeking deeper answers, so your well-placed question(s) assists them in their journey.
  5. Don’t Forget!:
  6. With your piece, include a photograph, a brief biographical statement of one to three sentences, and a one sentence catch line for social media. We desire to emphasize the diversity of our shared humanity, so each blog post is grounded in real-life human beings.
  7. Submit your blog to megan@religica.org

Your article is due the Thursday the week before publish date. The blog may be edited for concision. If you have any questions, please contact megan@religica.org

Thank you!  — The Whole Religica Team