We believe in crowdsourcing religion every day, where we cross classical pathways in our contemporary world. The future relies on us doing this well.

Our signature Religica Podcast, our Religica Round Table, and our feature Blog, are resource windows for you to explore and go far.

Our Religica Response Series and Seeking Wisdom Series are multi-media platforms that include local community roll-up-your-sleeves guides, which invite your response to the challenges that vex us all.

All the Religica resource windows will regularly operate like a living iris, which focus in unison on a specific topic or theme. We provide first-hand interviews, podcasts on the theme, blog reflections, newsworthy items, and resources from everywhere we can find. As of July 2020, we have launched our forums to offer deeper engagement and meaningful conversation.

For more resources visit projects with the Center.

Do you have themes or suggestions you’d like the Religica Team to consider? We’re on it – Write to us at