Blogcast: A Youth Perspective on the Climate

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to this  Blogcast  on Soundcloud Abhay Singh Sachal reads the Youth Section Introduction for the Center for Ecumenical and Interreligious Engagement's Canvas Guide to the Faith for Earth: A Call for Action resource, a document created by the Parliament of the World's Religions and the United Nations Environment Programme Faith [...] Read More

Podcast: Civility Won’t Save Our Souls

Brian Rubin discusses the changes we as a whole need to make in order to liberate and make a difference not only for present times but the future as well. Subscribe to our Podcasts at:    Return to all Podcasts “We have to come together and hope that perhaps the little shifts we make in [...] Read More

Podcast: Being an Elder and Learning through the Generations

"In an interview with Center Advisory Council Member Steve Wilhelm, Elder Wilton Littlechild, Canadian lawyer and Cree chief, who formerly served with the Canadian Parliament as the first Treaty Indian Member, shares about his work with his Indigenous nation, matrilineal leadership, and living with climate change." Subscribe to our Podcasts at:    Return to all [...] Read More

Podcast: The Future

In this conversation, Center Director Michael Reid Trice talks to Dr. Iyad Abumoghli about the incoming planetary crisis, our environmental responsibilities, our hopes for the youth, and religious multilateralism. Iyad Abumoghli is the Principal Policy Advisor for the United Nations Environment Programme. Following a series of initiatives and conventions organized in partnership with faith-based organizations, the UN Environment launched the Faith for [...] Read More

Blogcast: Hope vs. Toxic Positivity

Listen to this BlogCast Listen to our Blogcasts on Soundcloud  “Hope is about looking at the world as it is and realizing the potential of you and your community members to make it a better place.” - Abhayjeet Singh Sachal Abhayjeet (Abhay) Singh Sachal is an 19-year-old Canadian humanitarian, environmentalist, and activist who believes that [...] Read More

Podcast: Laudato Si and a Shared Future

This is a conversation between Religica Theolab Founder Michael Reid Trice and Professor Michael Murphy, who is the Director of Catholic Studies and Director of Loyola’s Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage. He earned his doctorate in Theology, Literature, and Philosophy from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, an MA in English from San Francisco [...] Read More

Religica presents at the 2021 NWCU

Religica: The Whole Inhabited House and Virtual, Spiritual Proximity | Bringing Religious Discussion online in an Internet Age This video was prepared by the Religica Theoloab for our exhibitor booth at the 2021 National Workshop on Christian Unity hosted on April 12th-15th, 2021 This presentation offers an introduction to the Religica Theoloab and an example [...] Read More

Podcast: Community, Worship and Adapting to Isolation

Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee has served as Pastor at Jocko Valley Lutheran Church in Arlee, Montana, Zion Lutheran Church in Spokane, Washington, Emmanuel Lutheran Church and Eastern Washington University Campus Ministry in Cheney, Washington. She served as Assistant to the Bishop in the Northwest Washington Synod prior to her being elected to bishop of the [...] Read More

Podcast: Virtues, Civic Friendship and Moral Repair

Dr. Nancy Snow is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing at the University of Oklahoma. She was co-Director of The Self, Motivation & Virtue Project, a $2.6 million research initiative on the moral self, and is currently the Principal Investigator of The Self, Virtue, and Public Life [...] Read More