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A Sapling is a universal image of new hope for life. Our lives are young yet rooted in the ages. The Religica Sapling Blog is a weekly foray into the values, themes, challenges, and capacities that are shaping our future. Each blog is a matter of conviction, is 700 to 1000 words in length, is situated at the axis of deep meaning-making within society, and comes from every field and family of faith.

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February 2019

Joseph C LeeFeb 19, 2019 /Joseph Lee
In the Name of Love

Rhea PanelaFeb 12, 2019 /Rhea Panela
Walk Without a Destination

Todd GreenFeb 5, 2019 /Todd Green
Rethinking Our Response to Islamophobia

January 2019

Mike DentonJan 22, 2019 / Rev. Michael Denton
Through the Fence

Denise HearnJan 15, 2019 / Denise Hearn, MBA
Economic Justice as the Basis for Belonging

Kristen Daley MosierJan 8, 2019 / Kristen Daley Mosier, MDiv
Baptized into Tahlequah’s Tears

Michael TriceJan 1, 2019 / Michael Reid Trice, PhD
Religica РA New Beginning