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Religious Identity in a Post-Truth World


About the instructor:
Rev. Kelly Wadsworth, PhD is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church and an engaging writer, speaker, and preacher. Her ministry has included a variety of contexts including parish ministry, hospital spiritual care, and military Chaplaincy. She serves on the Executive Board for Presbyterian Council for Chaplains and Military Personnel (PCCMP) and has been a guest lecturer at Seattle University, Bastyr University, and the University of Washington. Her work has focused on religious encounter, spiritual growth, phenomenology and existentialism, the intersection of psychology and theology, plus the role of the church in the Pacific Northwest. Rev. Kelly is the organizing pastor for the West Seattle Contemplative Church in Seattle, WA.


We are living in a complicated and complex world. Is the news real or fake? What type of society are we living in? Learn how the religious identity works in a post-truth world in three short videos.