Seeking Wisdom Video Series

Welcome to the Seeking Wisdom Video Series

Asking questions and seeking answers is the zest of life. The Seeking Wisdom Video Series is created for you and your community.

We start our inaugural year with Season One. View the Seeking Wisdom Video Series all at once or walk through each episode. Most episodes include an introduction and three sessions. Finally, see the Religica team suggested questions for you and your community, which are located on the order page for each episode.

Stories Bring the World Together

Jeffrey S. Philpott, PhD

On Diversity and Identity

Ajay T. Abraham, PhD

Transgender/Being a Person of Faith

Martina G. Ramirez, PhD

Assumptions of a Handshake

Jasmine Mahmoud, PhD

Gender and the Bigger God

Jodi O’Brien, PhD

Spiders, Pollution and You

Martina G. Ramirez, PhD

Walking With Insight

Juan Carlos Reyes, MFA

Values that Shape our Changed World

CH Colonel Khalid Shabazz, PhD

Religious Identity in a Post-Truth World

Rev. Kelly Wadsworth, PhD

The Transformative Power of Music

Rabbi Daniel Weiner

Lessons from a Swinomish Elder

Elder Ray Williams

What Are You Seeking?

Michael Reid Trice, PhD

Games/Social Change

Wanda Gregory

What is a Child

Jasen Frelot

Break the Divide

Abhayjett & Sukhmeet Sungh Sachal